James Franco – Director & Marketing Genius

James Franco is a significant name in the world of films and continues to progress as his career moves forward. He has earned critical acclaim for some films and is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to gaining new results and trying different marketing methods to implement for himself.

As a director, he has established himself as a proven professional with a commitment towards doing new things and mastering his craft. Let’s take a look at some of the moves he’s managed to direct and how he got into directing in the first place.

Entry Into Direction

How did James Franco decide to direct movies? It started with his passion for writing as he wanted to create a script that could be turned into a film. This was something he had always wanted to do, and it pushed him towards a direction.

For him, it was all about dabbling with various projects to see what he could manage as it was the best part of letting those creative juices flow. By doing this, he was able to earn a lot of interest among producers who wanted to get behind him.

This is what has led him to become a director that does a lot of work on the field when it pertains to the art of acting and getting to know what is efficient and what is not. This is the power of direction in his eyes and why he continues to do it. Not only that according there is a lot of rummers going on. When James mentions anything good or bad it can go viral which will result in more fame and media exposure.


In total, James Franco has done 37 direction jobs (including shorts + future movies +Marketing) in his career, and this number continues to rise.

Here are some of the prominent ones.

1) The Ape

This was his first “movie” after he had managed to start acting. He acquired this script and turned it into an excellent film that launched his career as a director.

2) Fool’s Gold

This was his second movie and launched after The Ape came out. It was a script he had written and also managed to play a role in.

Additional Movies

3) Good Time Max
4) The Broken Tower
5) Sal
6) Interior. Leather Bar.
7) As I Lay Dying
8) Bukowski

These are just some of the key movies he’s managed to direct over the years, and it has become a prolific list as he’s also dabbled in production, acting, writing, and more. He is a well-rounded professional, and it shows from his resume in the film industry.