HostGator Discount Codes & Reviews for 2018

HostGator Discount Codes & Reviews for 2018

Looking for the best hosting provider can be a little tricky, considering the fact that most of them offer similar services and prices. It’s easy to get confused, especially if this is your first website and you know nothing about hosting and what the provider should offer in their monthly or yearly plan.

If the only concern is the price, we hate to say it, but there is far more than that. You have to be aware of many other things besides the money you’ll invest. You can get the best deal and get almost nothing from your provider. This is why it’s important to be aware of what you can get.

When comes to HostGator, this is one of the better choices because they offer quite excellent services when comes to customer support, non-stop work that will fix any problem that occurs on your website.

They exist for solid sixteen years (since 2002), and they started very enthusiastically in a dorm room in Florida.

5 Reasons Why HostGator Is Right for You

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If you’re still wondering whether you should pick them, we have excellent five reasons to make up your mind and get their services now.

  1. Security – This is perhaps the most important thing you need to have from your hosting provider. Once the data is put on your website, it doesn’t mean it’s secure even if your site is not attractive to hackers at all. No matter what sort of business you own, your website needs security. This means your hosting should keep the data safe from hackers, but also from accidental deleting (or even deleting on purpose), human errors, viruses that are all over the internet, malfunctions, etc. HostGator will provide you all of that.
  2. Reliable staff – Nobody wants to wait for the hosting team to get back at work and get busy with whatever problem occurred with your website. Once the traffic on your site becomes more prominent, you’ll surely have some issues that will need to be sorted out. What’s an excellent hosting provider without 24/7 support throughout the entire year? These guys offer that and you can always check their forums, live chats, call them, e-mail them and read an endless number of articles that will answer many dilemmas.
  3. Guarantee – You wouldn’t even want to think what will happen to your website if by any chance the hosting has issues or goes down. Investing your money in a hosting that wouldn’t guarantee you anything in return during their downtime is undoubtedly a waste of money. HostGator offers 99.99% uptime guarantee; it means in case they are down they will provide you with a one month credit for the time of their inability to work. But, that almost never happens because these guys are excellent.
  4. Upgrading – Let’s say you decided to give them a try and realized that their hosting works well for you and now you want to upgrade the plan. Upgrading is a smart thing to do as your traffic grows and you need improved support. You can get shared, or VIP hosting and the main difference between them is that the shared hosting has one server for a few websites (each of them has their domain). The VIP hosting works only for one website (you as an owner will have more access to more security options). If your site is still small, you’ll be good with shared hosting.
  5. Prices – Finally, the price plays a significant role in your decision and can sometimes be crucial over the other reasons. HostGator offers some seriously reasonable prices that won’t make you cringe. With regular discounts, you can purchase your monthly or yearly plan for a fairly reasonable price, and on top of it, the service won’t ever fail. You can start with a monthly plan; the guys are relatively flexible when comes to switching plans, so once your website becomes more visited, you can easily change to the yearly plan.