James Franco – The Film Producer

American actor and producer James Edward Franco was born on the 19th April 1978 in Palo Alto, California and graduated from Columbia University School of Arts. The lead character in Freaks and Geeks (a hit cult television program) as Daniel Desario was his first breakthrough starring role in 1999. Other television shows he starred in included “General Hospital,” “11.22.63”, and “The Academy Awards.” So far he has been nominated for 91 awards and won 32.

In 2008 James Franco notoriously “ran off” to hone his filmmaking skills at New York University and during the last decade, there have been several films directed by him, most of which have not been very successful. He is purported to have written an adaptation of the classic William Faulkner novel “As I Lay Dying” over the course of six weeks during the midnight hours. The film played at the Toronto and Cannes Film Festivals and received a quiet release by Millennium Entertainment.

Films Produced by James Franco

In 2010 assisted by unprecedented access behind the scenes to the actors, writers, and producers of Saturday Night Live, James Franco and his crew produced a documentary on the process of creating a full episode of the production in “Saturday Night.”

In 2013 he co-produced “Interior. Leather Bar.” With Travis Mathews” a film dealing with a broader perspective of creative and sexual freedom which was hailed as “one of the sharpest, best surprises of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival”.

“Child of God” was a violent, dispossessed man who, deprived of parents, homes and other social ties, attempts to exist disastrously outside the social order. As he rapidly falls deeper into degradation and crime, he descends to the level of a cave man.

In October 2015 he produced “The Sound and the Fury” which deals with the trial and tribulations of the Compson family’s siblings who lived in the Deep South during the early 21st Century. He co-stars as Benjy Compson with Tim Blake Nelson as the father, and Scott Haze, Ahna O’Reilly and Jacob Loeb as the other siblings.

His latest films include “The Room” and “Black Dog Red Dog” co-written and produced with Isabella Wing-Davey with Olivia Wilde, Chloe Sevigny, Logan Marshall-Green, Whoopi Goldberg, Jake McLaughlin, Steven Ogg and Tim Blake Nelson.

James owns his production company called “Rabbit Bandini Productions.” When he went back to study at UCLA for an undergraduate degree in creative writing, he took lots of extra courses to show that he was a serious student as he was concerned that his professors and classmates might consider him to be “sliding by” because of his career in acting.